Boldly Pray

As we prepare to move into our new location at 520 S. Main Street in Clover, we rejoice and give thanks to God. With thankful hearts, we will open at full capacity to link arms with area churches, organizations, and local nonprofits to meet the needs of the women and children in our community and the surrounding areas–to God be the glory.

As I was praying this afternoon, I envisioned an army of women rising up in Clover to break every chain–the chain of poverty, of self-destruction, of confusion and chaos, and of self-hatred. Chains breaking in every neighborhood and in every home. Things that hold us back as women, things that God never intended to weigh us down, dropping off in the name of Jesus.

Join us in prayer.

Join the volunteers at Edge in praying that every chain that binds women in your community is released and broken.

Freedom experienced.

Free to dream. Free to dance. Free to love. Free to embrace God’s calling.

Boldly pray. Boldly enter the Throne Room. Boldly rise.

You are the army.





Our very first client – 18 year-old Sabrina (name changed).

Because her mother left her while she was in the 10th grade, leaving her homeless and pregnant, she was presented with no other option but to quit school and go to work. For the last two years, she and her daughter have slept from couch to couch in various homes. Homes that offered a roof over her head, but not the encouragement she needed to get back on track.

Derailed – until the day we offered HOPE for a brighter tomorrow, taking one small step at a time.

You can be part of the “change” ~ PRAY ~ MENTOR ~ GIVE ~



Just Think



Just think, you’re not here by chance, but by God’s choosing. His hand formed you and made you the person you are. He compares you to no one else-you are one of a kind. You lack nothing that His grace can’t give you. He has allowed you to be here at this time in history to fulfill His special purpose for this generation.


Our Focus: YOU


Somewhere along the way, EDGE slowed down moving forward. Distractions pulled in every direction causing momentum to  halt. For that, EDGE sincerely apologizes. Thank God for grace, today is a new day, and we believe in new beginnings. Your fresh start and ours. Together, we will advance and we will establish our goals. We value you. Your dreams, your hopes, and your will to thrive are why we exist. We are praying that God opens doors so that we can effectively come alongside of you and equip you with resources and tools necessary for personal growth. We are so excited. We are ready to meet you and begin our lifelong journey.

To give you an update:

We have established our non-profit status, all the paperwork, and filings that are necessary to operate EDGE.

Our next step is fundraising to be able to gain access to a facility so that we can meet face-to-face and start REACHING for your goals.

We are very close. EDGE can feel it and the excitement is growing.