Boldly Pray

As we prepare to move into our new location at 520 S. Main Street in Clover, we rejoice and give thanks to God. With thankful hearts, we will open at full capacity to link arms with area churches, organizations, and local nonprofits to meet the needs of the women and children in our community and the surrounding areas–to God be the glory.

As I was praying this afternoon, I envisioned an army of women rising up in Clover to break every chain–the chain of poverty, of self-destruction, of confusion and chaos, and of self-hatred. Chains breaking in every neighborhood and in every home. Things that hold us back as women, things that God never intended to weigh us down, dropping off in the name of Jesus.

Join us in prayer.

Join the volunteers at Edge in praying that every chain that binds women in your community is released and broken.

Freedom experienced.

Free to dream. Free to dance. Free to love. Free to embrace God’s calling.

Boldly pray. Boldly enter the Throne Room. Boldly rise.

You are the army.


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